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Water power in earlier times

Dt./Österr. Originaltext dieses Artikels01Infotafel: Water power in earlier timesThe Myra even used to supply people with energy. It was Oskar Edler from Rosthorn who started the project in 1895 and in 1914 – after numerous protests from the surrounding villages – they finally started the turbines. 

Das alte TurbinenhausThey managed to produce 1.5 million kilowatt-hours per year. The hydroelectric power station „Myra“ produced energy for about 60 years. Where they once kept the turbines you now find the restaurant „Myrastube“.
Myrastube – the turbines were kept here.

Myrastube – the turbines were kept here.

Turbinenhaus Elektrizitätswerk Muggendorf
Elektrizitätswerk Muggendorf

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