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The Myra Waterfalls – a natural landmark

The Myra Waterfalls – a natural landmark

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The Myra Waterfalls are - without any doubt - a fascinating landmark. This watercourse has always attracted many visitors, the most famous of them being the Emperess Maria Theresa of Austria, who came to admire the roaring waterfalls running down towards the valley.

Especially in spring, when the snow melts up on the mountains, it is an unforgettable journey through the romantic valley with its many staircases and bridges, along the untamed Myra.

The Myra has its source in the legendary „Myralucke“ at the foot of the Unterberg. The Myralucke gets its water from an underground lake, whose flow is interrupted by a little stonewall near the restaurant „Karnerwirt“. After the stonewall the Myra finds its way down towards the valley through narrow ravines and turns into spectacular cascades. In the valley the water calms and collects in a reservoir.


Twww.oetk.athe ÖTK (Österreichische Touristenklub) has been taking care of the attraction for 129 years now. There are 26 bridges, 8 staircases and about 25 kilometres of hiking trails to be inspected and maintained.

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